Saturday, 19 April 2014

Cost effective Marketing with Bulk SMS

                     Cost effective Marketing with Bulk SMS

How to reach customers? It’s a big question for almost all businesses. How to reach new customers without spending considerable amount on advertisement is the big question.

BULK SMS is the solution for this marketing problem. Bulk SMS means sending bulk SMS to market your products or services.

There are 2 types of BULK SMS services
1)      Transactional SMS
2)      Promotional SMS

Transactional SMS:
This SMS route cannot be used for marketing as per rules of TRAI but it can be effectively used to covey messages to people within your circle. This account gives you a short code like “ACSDWD”. Consider you are an employees association and you have 9000 registered members. You can convey them your important activities through messages to their mobile in one click and off course you will save a lot of money.
Who can use this service: Banks, associations, schools, colleges, hospitals etc         

log on to the following link to create your free account 

Promotional SMS:
This is a SMS gateway for marketing. You can send messages to anyone in India with one click. Reach millions of customers to promote your brand. This is a low cost advertisement method but effective. You reach people directly on their mobile devices.
Accitron Consultancy Services offers various packages of Promotional SMS based on size of your business. Contact us to find out more, give us a chance to assist you.
Who can use this service: Any business to promote their sales of products and services.

log on to the following link to create your free account

You can avail this service from anywhere in India. Visit us to know more about how you can improve your business.So no need to search in Google for bulks sms services in Dharwad, bulk sms services in Hubli, Bulk sms services in belgaum, Bulk sms services in Bangalore. Just give us a call and we will do the rest.

Accitron Consultancy Services for all your marketing needs. Contact us to purchase your Bulk SMS package today. Accitron also provides you mobile number database as per your region. Marketing becomes easy with Accitron Consultancy Services.

Friday, 18 April 2014

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Friday, 30 August 2013

Amazing applications of Raspberry Pi, Part-2

Convert your Raspberry Pi into a NAS box

Part 1 explained how to use your Raspberry Pi as media center. Now support that media center by converting another Pi device into NAS box. Raspberry Pi is constructed using samba server software so this NAS box can’t help you to stream HD videos. Pi NAS can be your low power NAS which supports your media center effectively.

To start with this project, you need –
·       Model B of Raspberry Pi
·       A SD card with bootable OS on it
·       A hard disk drive with USB connectivity
·       Ethernet connections which connects this device with your home network

You need to configure Samba server on your Pi device and Samba client on your computer.

This works with Linux, Android, Windows and MAC.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Amazing applications of Raspberry Pi, Part-1

Amazing applications of Raspberry Pi, Part-1 
This amazing piece of hardware was launched in 2012 now almost everyone knows or heard about this device. This is a palm sized computer which is capable to run media centers or servers, this device also has connectivity options which helps to control security systems. This device found to be very helpful in student-teacher interactive learning.
 This article states various amazing applications of this little device named as Raspberry Pi Using Raspberry Pi as a media center is most common but this device is capable of more than that. This device can be used to accomplish various purposes as you can see around the web. We are intended to describe some of the applications of this little computer. Application No.1 –Make a portable computer using Raspberry Pi and your Kindle-As you can see this is one of the great accomplishments which combine Raspberry Pi with Kindle e-reader.1)   Connect USB to micro USB cable
2)   Jailbreak your kindle and install the UsbNetwork which is a emulator and a tool
3)   One’s your kindle device is unlocked and subordinate utilities are installed, you are good to go – now you can use your kindle as a display device to your Pi
4)   Remember – This works only with Kindle devices with integrated keyboard
5)   Collect more information before proceeding to this
 Note: - This setup may involve additional equipments and utilities  

Friday, 19 July 2013

Most common types of Arduino

Most common types of Arduino

Arduino is everywhere now a day, every person who know a bit of electronics should heard this word once or twice. So, what is this Arduino?

Arduino is an open source electronics platform which is used for prototyping because this comes with hardware and software which are easy to use and are flexible. This is the perfect platform for artists, hobbyists or to the people who want to create interactive objects. Arduino senses the environment as it is capable to take input from various sensors and it outputs various processes by controlling various actuators like lights, motors etc.

Types of Arduinos
There are various types in Arduino boards; this discussion covers only most common Arduino boards.

1)     Arduino Uno – This is the most common version of Arduino boards. Most of the people consider Uno as they mention Arduino boards. More discussion of this board canbe found in next chapters of this article.
2)    Arduino NG, Diecimila, and the Duemilanove (Legacy Versions) – the NG, diecimila, Duemilanove are considered as legacy versions of Arduino Uno. Differences between common Uno and Legacy boards are –
·        Diecimila and NG are composed of ATMEGA 168 chipsets.
·        Both of these Arduino boards comes with jumper settings near USB port so there a need of manual selection of USB or battery power.
·        user need to hold the rest button on Arduino NG for few seconds before uploading a program.

3)   Arduino Mega 2560 – The mega is the second most used board of the Arduino family. This board can be mentioned as big brother of UNO. This comes with 256KB of memory which is 8 times higher than Uno. This board comes with 54 inputs & output pins, 16 pins are analog and 14 can do PWM. This board makes your project more powerful but the size of the project increases.
4)     Arduino Mega ADK – this is the special version of Mega. This board is a special design made to interface with Android Smartphones.
5)     Arduino LilyPad – this is also a special purpose board designed for wearable technology. This board is designed to embed in fabrics with other components which are connected with conductive threads. Wearable technology is booming and this board is one effort to make it possible.

You can contact Accitron Consultancy Services for your Arduino programming, interfacing and testing needs.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Why you need a business consultant?

Why you need a business consultant?

This is an era of heavy competition in all the business domains. May be this is the reason that every business is searching different way to boost up the value of the company. Everyone who involved in business is facing the conflicts with development and survival in the field. Many of the business people and owners will not be aware of tricks to reform their business. Some people may have the ideas but they are not enough confident to implement those ideas. In such cases it is better to consult a good business consultant who can help to overcome your problem.

Businesses get expanded from day to day, there starts many complications and some times the management fails to reset these critical setbacks. One can take the assistance of business consulting companies to get solved their problems. This is only possible by highly experienced and skillful consultant. They can also help managing staff to adopt those techniques.

Taking the aid of these people on regular basis ensures the successful business settlement. For such cases one should find the solution within short time period or else it may get severe. The professional consultant will fix the obstacle in faster way to protect the business. The people who receive the tips from these consultants will automatically improve their knowledge to overcome such situations.

The aspects like effective management, inventory controls, and workers concern and market variations and even the complexities associated with management and admin can be easily cracked with the help of employed consultant. This can be exclusively helpful to save the company time and money and this will be the considerable point to increase the efficiency.

The business consultant plays an important role in the business development. Whether the business may be small or large, every owner face the same complications due to many reasons like mismanagement, competition, lack of coordination, pressure from upper administrative layer etc. these all problems can be collectively resolved with professional touch. The major concern of the business consultant is the client or business satisfaction.

Business consultant will systematically study and understand the nature of your business. He will analyze the market strategy and the associated individual business profiles to give you the perfect solutions and assistance to boost up your marketability. They will continuously observe the operations and executions performed daily to find out the loop holes in your procedures.

These setbacks and hindrances are identified by your consultant and they will provide the key or advice to restore it in a proper way. Financial status of your company will be examined and reviewed by your consulting person and he understands how it is affecting the business in order to give prosperity to your business. The concurrent observations made by your consultant will help you to get positive results.

The business can be saved and developed if the issues and complications are solved in initial stages before they affect the business badly. This is only possible by regular observation and assistance of professional business consultant. If you want your business to reach high end then you should be creative and you should be in regular touch of your business consultant.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

How A Professional Web Deign Company Helps You To Create Your Website

How A Professional Web Design Company Helps You To Create Your Website

Online advertisement is buzzing since past few years. Outbound marketing concepts like paper advertisement are obsolete and are replaced by online ads. Whether you are a businessman with ambition to improve your business or a startup, you should consider hiring an expert web designing company. A web designing company with expert web designers definitely helps you to reach your goals.

Website is the face of your business, customers are smart and they how to utilize internet to know about what they are buying. So, your website need to be effective to effective in order to attract customers for your products or services and it should make them buy. Customers know how to gather information about products and services using internet so you should give them a perfect presentation to make the sales happen. Anyone can create a website but effective websites can only be created by professional web designing companies.

Your website determines the success of your business so this should not be taken lightly. This platform helps you to display your products and services to a large range of customers within a shorter period of time. This is an effective way of marketing but only possible with expert help and perfect planning. Size of your does not matter in case of online marketing so regardless of size you need the help of web design companies.

The theme of your website is to showcase your products and services to a large base of customers and market them with efficiency and this is not possible with armature web developers. Experienced web designing companies helps you to divert large amount of traffic to your website which helps to increase your sales.
Top five results in any search engines is very important, this is the way to attract good traffic. Professional web design and development companies provide such SEO services to keep your website always in top 5 ranks. Professional and experienced staff of such companies helps you to create a professional looking and efficient website.

These web designing companies are fortified with qualified web developers, marketing experts, graphic designers etc which helps you to create a fully functional and result oriented website which can’t be offered by a freelance web developer.
These companies also take care of your content and the search engine optimization which helps you to represent flawless data over the internet.

There are many web designing companies to choose from, you must choose the one which works fine for you.

Contact Accitron Consultancy Services for all your web design and development needs.